Since I was little; I’ve lived with a sin and am a sinner. I’ve always denied showing this side to others. Very few have had a opportunity to see me at my purest and most loved. I am a Geek.It’s sounds silly but when you’ve spent years trying to change yourself for society and it’s values. You struggle to be the girl who loves classic literature and Pokemon’s favourite dragon; Charmander. Now what has allowed this modern-day revenge of the nerds to come back?

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Dyspraxic Diaries #10: What now?

Imagine a world where you understand the grey more than anything else. The little shades allow us to blend in and look normal but in reality; these entries are my atonement. As a child; I wasn’t perfect, I cried over spilt milk, I over-complicated everything so no one knew my differences. That was my biggest mistake.

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Dyspraxic Diaries #9: Traits

You look normal, you don’t act differently, you’re just the wierd friend everyone loves to have. The truth is I find this OFFENSIVE! Verbal Dyspraxia or any Dyspraxia isn’t obvious. If you at us you couldn’t tell that we’re different. Continue reading


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